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Packaging Sustainability

At Circle Packaging, we work closely with you to develop a packaging sustainability strategy that meets your businesses needs. We advise how best to achieve your sustainability goals and targets. We support you in implementing packaging changes, making sustainability claims and how to meet pack sustainability regulations. We also ensure any packaging sustainability improvements are good for your product and brand so you can be confident you have the best packaging for your customer and the planet.

Our packaging sustainability strategies are based on Circular-Economy principles, guided by the UK Resource and Waste Strategy, EU Waste Policy and UN Sustainability Development Goals. 

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New Packaging Development – NPD

New packaging can be an exciting time for your brand. Whether it’s for a new product or a refresh to existing SKU’s, bringing in a new component to market helps position your product amongst your competitors. It can also be an overwhelming move as it’s so important to get everything right from cost, and quality to timing. The development of packaging from concept to consumer can be complex because packaging impacts every part of your supply chain: It must comply with various regulations, quality standards, distribution and retailer requirements. Packaging is often the final consumer interface with your brand and product and so impact and functionality through to end-of-life management is critical.

Increasingly, consumers are demanding strong sustainability credentials meaning a well-designed pack must also have a positive environmental message to meet consumer expectations.

Circle provide a development map for your packaging project ensuring key decisions and milestones are seamlessly managed. We can coordinate all key project activities from finding the component supplier, customising the pack and ensuring the quality of the component for the intended use. We can handle your printer and repro management as well as testing and trialling to your timeline while managing project risk and stakeholder management. 

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Online Sustainable Pack Courses

Sustainable packaging development is a far-reaching topic with varied responsibilities from the highly creative to the deeply detailed. Typically you need the support of an expert in the field to be confident you will be introducing packaging that is truly sustainable but that works for your product, brand and retail method.

Circle Packaging plans to offer online, professional pack sustainability development training for brands to manage their own sustainable packaging. Our online programme will cover

  • Packaging sustainability principles
  • Sourcing great sustainable packaging
  • Key pack development steps
  • Technical brief writing
  • Support for working with suppliers and fillers
  • Project management for packaging development
  • Specification creation
  • Managing the artwork process
  • Tests & trials
  • Great launches for packaging

This training will upskill you and your internal team, allowing you to bring great sustainable packaging to market, faster.

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