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Sustainable & Innovative Consumer Packaging 

What we do:

Circle Packaging are experts in Packaging for Consumer Goods.

Our job is to help you choose the best, and most sustainable, packaging for your product. We develop and customise packaging for your brand, product and manufacturing requirements, using a tried and trusted development processes for perfect results every time. We have an extensive network of packaging suppliers and we keep a close eye on all packaging trends & innovations, especially in the area of sustainability, so you will have the best packaging solution for your product, possible. We also keep abreast of all current and upcoming tax and legislation changes in the countries you’re operating in so you will always be able to make the right strategic packaging choices for your business.


Why do you need packaging support?

Packaging development can feel like an overwhelming task with huge complexity, big costs, and many variables. Our experience and expertise mean that you can focus on building your brand, and supporting your business in more meaningful ways aligned to your strengths while we take care of the packaging details:

We translate the needs of your business and your consumers into great packaging solutions that work at all levels in the supply chain. We will coordinate your packaging projects from any stage of development to ensure great packaging solutions are delivered to market as and when you need it.

We can assess your existing packaging portfolio for its sustainability credentials from cradle to cradle and identify suitable sustainable alternatives or even sustainable packaging strategies that work for your product, brand and supply chain – making sure your packaging not only looks fantastic, works perfectly but is also truly sustainable.



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Who are Circle? 

Experts in Packaging for Consumer Goods 

From a base of 20 years of experience, Circle Packaging was launched in 2016 by Jacqueline Lawford, aiming to bring expert packaging development and sustainable packaging to brands in a flexible way to consumer product businesses.

Jacqueline is an award-winning packaging professional with broad and deep experience delivering packaging for leading FMCG brands in food, drink and home & personal care. Having honed her skills and grown her network working with brands such as The Body Shop International, innocent drinks, Bacardi Martini and Nomad Foods, her experiences range from Technical Development, Project Management, Quality Assurance, Consumer Insights and Sustainable Packaging Strategy. Circe Packaging’s expertise allows your business to have clarity related to your packaging needs, relevant information to make fast and quality decisions and have multi-stakeholder alignment at all critical stages of your development. With Circle, you’re in safe technical hands.

Our Services

Packaging NPD 

The field of packaging has many required skills from highly creative to deeply technical. As such our deep and broad knowledge perfectly positions us to meet all of your pack NPD needs.

In order for us to deliver innovative & sustainable packaging for you, we design your project from concept through to launch. Using our 20+ years of experience, we can generate packaging ideas with you. Circle can help you source and select packaging that is suitable for your filler, product, and retail chain. We can design testing and trialling plans for you as well as manage your suppliers and fillers so that together, we ensure your pack is delivered to your requirements.

We also provide end-of-life impact guidance throughout your packaging development so you know how your decisions will affect the recyclability and reuse potential of your packaging choices.

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